Roland Giesler, CEO

Roland Giesler

Position: CEO
Brief: Roland has been active in the IT Industry since 1980 and has extensive experience in systems, programming, analysis, support services and system design. He formerly worked at Boland Bank, contracted at Old Mutual, was e-Commerce Development Manager at AST, formed XPoint Internet, was Technical Director at Net Solutions, established and initially maintained the law.za domain and is currently at the helm of Green Tree Systems.

He has developed administrative software systems for the Boland College of Education, database driven accounting software, a medical benefit fund administration system, a sales funnel management tool, as well as many websites and services.

He is also currently involved in a national project pertaining to energy efficiency, fleet management and automation.

Handsome Mhlanga

Position: Client Rations Manager
Brief: Having been a trainer and educator, as well as a partner in an adventure company doing team-building and motivation for large corporations, Handsome is ideally equipped to nurture and develop relationships with our clients and prospective clients.  He is fluent in many languages and enjoys the dynamics and challenges of human relations, as well as the pre-sales and marketing research aspects of business.

Hardus Bouwer

Position: Senior Technician

Brief: Hardus has worked as technician in the UK and as electrician in South Africa.  He qualified as <this> college and is currently on-site technician at a client in Cape Town.  His responsibilities include ensuring that backups are successfully made, technical support to all end-users, maintaining servers, firewalls and wireless routers, repairing hardware, installing new systems and maintaining email services.

He is proficient in Linux (Ubuntu), OSX, Windows (XP, Server 2K,2K3,2K8, Vista and 7) and some FreeBSD.