Get ready for Telviva!

Telviva will do for VoIP Telephony what Amazon EC2 is doing for server clouds.  Both where conceived in Cape Town, South Africa and both have the potential to turn the world as we know it upside down.

In essence Telviva is a cloud based telephony solution.  It means that you get whatever is necessary to make calls, record them, log them, and whatever else may be needed.  What a nice big VoIP server or two would give you, except you don’t pay for it (only actually a tiny portion of it), you don’t have to maintain it and it gets updated for you any time when needed.

All you need is a good internet connection, some decent phones (although less decent ones will work but no guarantees). If you want redundancy (a good idea if you’re in the bundus and your internet goes down from time to time) add a Runway-1 Appliance (which is a commoditised local Asterisk switch that will dial via an alternative provider like Telkom or Neotel should your internet link be down)

Please contact us for prices, call costs and further details.

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pfSense 2 is almost ready!

pfSense FirewallWe have been using m0n0wall and pfSense as a router and firewall solution for clients for quite some time now.  Both are rock solid workhorses that rival commercial routers and firewalls in stability, functionality and performance, yet are built on an open platform.   The latest version of pfSense brings some enterprise grade features needed in a larger network, as well as complete user administration. It all comes with the GUI that easy to use, yet offers access to practically all the features.

Not only do we support the pfSense and M0n0wall platforms, we will also install and maintain systems for SME’s and corporates.

It’s is a well known secret that Cisco, Microsoft, Apple and most other OEM’s have based their TCP/IP stack on FreeBSD.  Some have based their whole OS on it, like for example Apple with Mac OSX.  So it should come as no surprise that a firewall built on FreeBSD should be a best of breed product and provide a fully secure platform to be used as access gateway for any network.

With secure wireless support, multiple secure VPN protocol support, logging and failover and load balancing on internet and WAN links, this may just be the solution you have been looking for.

See full specs at the documentation page

More about m0nowall here and pfSense over here.

Lowered Communication Costs!

Is your organisation receiving the benefits of the exciting advances in communications technology that are currently being deployed around the world?

Did you know that you are perfectly within your rights to record conversations that you are part of?

If you knew that, are you able to retrieve and manage those recordings to be proof of agreements made via telephone?

We are keen to get you started on this road, at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems that could do this.

Contact Roland or Handsome now and we’ll meet with you to discuss what we can do for you and how we can lower our communication costs and add some rands to your bottom line.