Need to become PoPI compliant?

The Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) requires that organisations and business keep track of how, when and by whom personal information is access and used.  For more details see this Mail & Guardian article.

Did you know that we offer Laserfiche in three flavours?

  • Laserfiche Cloud, a no installation hosted solution at a simple affordable monthly fee
  • Laserfiche Avante for SME’s, NGO’s or other smaller operations
  • Laserfiche Rio for Enterprises

What is Laserfiche?

Laserfiche ECM provides the ability to establish and deploy information management standards throughout the enterprise while giving individual business units tools to customize the system to meet their specific needs. With document imaging, document management, business process management and records management baked into the core system architecture, Laserfiche makes it possible to standardize on a single ECM system – revolutionizing the way information is managed, shared and presented. (

Laserfiche foundation

Laserfiche forms a great foundation for document management in any organisation.

What is ECM?

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a formalized means of organizing and storing an organization’s documents, and other content, that relate to the organization’s processes. The term encompasses strategies, methods, and tools used throughout the lifecycle of the content. (Wikipedia)

Contact us for more details or a demonstration.


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