cost reduction

Why you should consider changing your telephone company

The telecoms landscape has changed over the last few year and more change is eminent.  The cost of calls has come down substantially, but it is nowhere close to the level it can actually go down to.  But chances are that you’re not seeing these saving at all, since your contract locks you into the old prices!


By opting for a Connection Telecom solution, you will be guaranteed the lowest price for calls by design.  All clients on the network already call each other free of charge, so if you’re calling specific suppliers or clients frequently you can already save substantially.

Medical practices who call Medical Aid companies many times a day can now totally eliminate that cost!  Stores that call other branches or their headoffice frequently can do the same.

Integrating mobiles into the company network is just a simple.

Getting reports or even billing for each department is all there and integration to accounting systems is provided for.

Call centre?  Predictive dialling and agent wrap codes, integration with CRM systems?  Consider it done!

If you’ve had bad experiences with el-cheapo operators or you’ve been flogged by the incumbent telco, we have good news for you…

Upgrade to the next level!

Contact us asap and we’ll propose a solution to you.