Thin Clients

We provide SME clients with innovative solutions in the office environment by implementing centrally powered thin client devices that provide the users with a desktop experience equal to what a typical PC would give, but without the disadvantages thereof.


  • Freedom from practically all malware, virusses, et al
  • Low maintenance and centralised administration
  • Low power consumption with all hardware being fully protected by online UPS power
  • Remote desktop support for all users when needed
  • Local printers, flashdrives, etc may be allowed or disallowed per station
  • Back-in-time backups

Special Considerations:

  • Users typically can’t install their own software without administrator intervention, so power users may be more suitably issued with a notebook computer

The system typically consists of:

  • A server (preferable an IBM X series server with redundant power supplies, hard disk, dual CPU and integrated remote management)
  • A UPS (with extended units to increase capacity as needed)
  • A managed network switch (or multiple, depending on the size of the network)
  • PoE hardware and 12V splitters for the client end)
  • Nohrtec Surfboards or Norhtec Microclient Jr
  • Samsung 18.5″ LED low power displays or larger
  • Ubuntu Server with LTSP,
  • Firewall protection with IP tables or a full implementation of a PFSense firewall
  • NX Server for remote users
  • Wireless access for notebooks, tablets and smartphones.
  • Applications (LibreOffice, Chromium, Thunderbird, PDF Editor, Dia and more as required)
  • We can implement MS Office in a Crossover implementation for clients where it may be required for some reason.
  • The hardware is typically housed in a floorstanding cabinet that can be located anywhere in the office.


Please contact us for pricing or consultation.


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