The smart solution for document and communication processing is Laserfiche, which offers a platform that features a very rich and powerful foundation layer of services. As a full Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems it provides:

  • Document storage, retrieval, management and auditing
  • Compliance with international and national legal requirements
  • Extensive workflow engine capabilities to ensure processing happens as intended
  • Desktop and Web based interfaces
  • Automatic forms processing
  • Extensive links into a large number of other systems, email services, scanners, databases, ERP systems, accounting systems and more
  • Full knowledge transfer and instructions for new and existing users to lower impact of staff turnover dramatically.

There are a large number of comprehensive case studies available.  However, you’ll probably won’t be prepared for what a demonstration will surprise you with, so please contact us and we’ll arrange a visit and demo.

We represent the official Laserfiche Distributor in Southern Africa, Noscotek (Pty) Ltd , so you’ll be dealing with the authorised channel.



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